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Really now? I won't elaborate more on why your idea is a terrible one, the reactions itc should be explanatory enough. I'll just give you a relevant advice for once, instead of farming on a potential lucrative like-cow.

If you want to get anywhere in life, just stop trying to make stuff up for whatever reason, or at least face the fact that ppl saw through your shit. At least, it would help you to not get in awkward situations for free and, more importantly, not look as dumb as you do now. It would be a first great step to learn to face reality properly, since you really need to work on that given the absurdity of your plan.

Like, for real, i'm not sure your parents would be pleased to know that their son/daughter/whatever non-binary gender you might be is willing to mess up with his future spending all his days playing a PEGI 3 videogame all day without any income other than some pixels on a forum.
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I have to say, some of the comments made me laugh.

My only advice would be starting a Youtube so that perhaps you could earn something from this atleast. GL with whatever you choose
You know, follow your passion man, but in addition to that, you have to have balance and some semblance of income and stability in order to have the opportunity for you to do that without killing your future. I understand what you mean, about being passionate and all that, and how important these seemingly meaningless things can mean to people. But, that aside, you must also take into account your physical well-being when making a decision like this, and how it will be affected. One of my parents, actually, had a similar experience, albeit with art and painting rather than mons. They tried to make a living off of their passion, the one thing that they loved doing, but it was simply impossible. The financial burden was too much, and they had to change professions, in their case, to a lawyer. They are doing fine, and still paint, just not for a living they cannot survive off of. Point is, they were able to find a strong balance in life that made them stable and happy, and that is usually the best thing to do. Obviously that was a less ridiculous example, but it still applies to this more drastic decision and situation. So, just try and rethink this, not just for your own well-being, but for the well-being of those around you, and those who could come in the future, as I fear this could set you and some of those close to you down on a very dangerous path, full of regret, and one that will take a very long, difficult time to recover from. Don’t just think of yourself, your actions now will affect not only you, but those around you for the rest of your life, and it could be a mistake that you cannot take back.
You dont need to realize all thoughts. Some thoughts are better to just stay in your head. Also I thought it was blunder without a mic when I was watching your video with njnp, that says enough about how depressed you sound.


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have fun spending an entire year being delusional ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Skeptics alt said:
☆na plot armor: well i didnt expect to play a g3 with u

☆na plot armor: i gifted you a game
☆na plot armor: no complaining pls

☆na plot armor: good thing its a round robin
☆na plot armor: i wont be so generous next time
If you do this to show Smogon and yourself that u are good enough to win a trophy or whatever - then is this the way to go? The reason for your upcoming results will appear to be you, playing 20 times more than everyone else instead of being great at the game. If you KNOW this will make you happy, then sweet. Not everyone can say they do what truly makes them happy - but I doubt your pokemon-plans is the way to do it.


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hey, you do you, but please update us periodically in this thread? we've got a lot of Skeptics itt and I'm interested to see where this goes
Honestly, I listened to the interview just because I thought you were really trolling.

Now that I know you are not, I'm honestly worried about you. You have a problem with addiction, and you are using Pokémon to satisfy that. Quantity is not quality. You could work part-time or even full time and still have 3+ hours a day to play Pokémon. Saying you despise doubles just because you play the game in singles is stupid. If you were really serious about becoming a "pro Pokémon player", you'd want to run the official circuit.

Maybe you just know you aren't good enough to do that. Maybe, deep down, you really believe you are. And if you do, I don't care how good you are, I love Pokémon, but you are wasting a year or more of your life. Or six months. Or four months. You are so certain that you said that you don't know if this is going to last. But you also said that if you didn't get the pixelated trophy, you may as well do the same thing next year. And that'll probably follow through.

In all seriousness, if you really have money to spend a whole year playing Pokémon, I'd suggest you to use this money on a shrink, you have serious problems that can become bigger if left unchecked.
In all seriousness, if you really have money to spend a whole year playing Pokémon, I'd suggest you to use this money on a shrink, you have serious problems that can become bigger if left unchecked.
I agree with this 100%. It's not healthy to just binge until you have felt like you've accomplished something. I truly believe you need help and I think spending the money on a therapist is a lot more logical then feeding your addiction.

Secondly I'm quite disappointed in how everyone responded at first. They came at you attacking you and what not. You do not deserve any of this backlash in my honest to god opinion no matter what you've done in the past.

I sincerely hope you take my words into consideration and change your mind about your decision. Id even be willing to just chat with you sometime even though I'm no therapist.
How you finna do this when it gonna cost loads to use the internet after we lose net neutrality lol?
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